Dear Clubs,

We noticed that last practice in Eeklo not all players received correct information, some incorrect mails, full inboxes, etc…

Therefore we ask all secretaries to share all your male players born between 2000 and 2003 the next information:


This Saturday 23/2 we will have a long training and last try-out in Duffel from 15h45 untill 17h30.

Players born in 2000/2001 confirm by mailing to:

Players born in 2002/2003 confirm by mailing to:


The players born in 2002/2003 will participate 1-4/8 at the European Junior Championships by World Skate Europe (CERS) in Roana

The players born in 2000/2001 are planned to participate the World Games by World Skate (FIRS) in Barcelona. Although we are still waiting for confirmation by World Skate we can share the dates 29/6 untill 7/7.

Forward this mail to your members.

For direct questions or info mail

Thanks for your co-operation,
Kind regards,


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